If Your Products are on Amazon, You Should be Advertising on Amazon

Ad spending on Amazon has nearly doubled year over year. If you are on Amazon, you should be advertising there. These are still the (relatively) early days of bargain ads, but that will dry up as time goes on.

If you run pay-per-click ads, you have the skill set needed to advertise on Amazon. There are 3 types of Ads:

Sponsored Products & Headline Search Ads are pretty straightforward, and most similar to an AdWords keyword buy.

Product Display ads are much more interesting, allowing you to place ads on particular product pages or by interest. This is where you’ll see the most incremental sales, and also the most ability to scale. You can’t really make more people search for your brand or product categories (buying keywords for Sponsored Products & Headline Search Ads), but you can be very clever targeting people by their interests, or by the products they are viewing. With 15 Interest categories, over 200 subcategories, and the millions of products Amazon sells, you can try lots of things, like advertising rolling pins to people buying cookie cutters (or vice versa).

I suggest running hundreds of campaigns (I often see just one big campaign when I take these over) and watching your Ad-Cost-of-Sales carefully. Everyone on Amazon is already buying (what an audience!) so ads that solve problems rather than try to do branding will work better.