E-commerce Insights into Mary Meeker’s 2014 Slideshow

Mary Meeker, legendary Internet analyst, annually updates us on the current State of the Internet. Always a stop-everything-and-read presentation, this year’s does not disappoint. A particular focus this year was on ecommerce. Let’s dig in.

One surprise is how quickly tablets have taken off, achieving a growth curve that outpaces and outnumbers PCs. Time to put a tablet marketing strategy into place, or else miss out on a huge audience that gets bigger every day.

The enormous upside to tablet growth is its potential. Tablets are currently owned by only 6% of the population. 66% of U.S. tablet owners are surfing the web while watching TV. 44% are shopping. Overall, 84% of U.S. mobile users use their device while watching TV.

The installed user base of Mobile is 10X the size of PCs, a trend that continues.

Mobile advertising still underperforms vs. time spent on mobile devices, whereas print still significantly overperforms. Expect ad dollars to go from print to mobile, what some are calling a Death Card for the media industry.
People spend very little time with print media, yet it continues to eat up a huge part of ad spend. Meanwhile, mobile is a much bigger part of people’s lives, but the advertising dollars aren’t going there. Yet.

Facebook’s broadcasting model is giving way to social networking that is much more private and frequent. Sharing more with fewer people is the future; broadcasting a little bit of information to everyone is going away.

We’re in the visual Internet age now. Images and video are the storytelling vehicles of choice. Time for a marketing strategy that takes advantage of this.

How many images are going up every day? 1.8 Billion. Not that they’re all sticking around. We’re also entering the age of the “disappearing” Internet, where messaging is here one second and gone the next.

Apps are unbundling, tackling one specific task at a time…

…to the point where they’re disappearing almost altogether.

If you’re putting your money into social, keep in mind how quickly social stories disappear on Facebook (half life of 9 hours) and Twitter (half life of 6.5 hours).

Better is to put your money into content and community:

  • Content should provide inspiration (photos & quotes) and editorial (guides & articles)

  • Community should provide professional advice & discussion groups

  • Commerce is still commerce — a place to sell your products & services

This strategy makes your company a one-stop expert resource that covers the entire purchasing cycle.

Google’s TruView is a game-changer. If users skip your ad, you don’t pay. If they choose to watch it, you’re getting a viewer that’s truly engaged in your content. This can only get better over time. Time to consider video ads if you haven’t yet.

There are plenty more surprises if you want to peruse the entire presentation:

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