Why You Should Adopt a Mobile-First Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

A few weeks ago, for the first time in history, more people used mobile phones and tablets, instead of computers, to visit online stores. Mobile commerce has been increasing for years, but from now on, mobile commerce is the default for people shopping online.

The good news: Mobile commerce can convert even better than desktop computers. Focus your efforts on tablets, especially iPads.

So how do you adopt a mobile-first digital strategy? A checklist:

  • Make your website adaptive. Your site needs to automatically adjust to the screen size of the user.
  • Make your emails adaptive. This can be your best traffic so don’t make it difficult for users to navigate.
  • Design your website for mobile first. Many sites have already hit the 50%+ mobile mark. You’re next.
  • Allow people to pay in multiple ways. Credit cards are easy, but mobile payments are easier.
  • Encourage social-fueled discovery. Computers are used to buy commodities. Social media and mobile are used for spontaneous, discovery-based purchases.
  • Be ready for “always-on” shopping. Shopping is not something people “go and do” anymore, it’s something they are always doing.
  • Allow people to navigate your site with their voice. OK, maybe we’re not there yet, but there’s no question we will be.

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