Don’t Let Google Shopping Eat Your Search Marketing for Lunch

Last year, Google PLAs transformed into Google Shopping, which gave us more functionality in AdWords (and also, more pitfalls). Love it or hate it, Google Shopping is still exceedingly complex to set up and manage. And, love it or hate it, extremely profitable. If you’ve been on the fence about Shopping, you’ll need to dive in and devote some time to getting it right. You can’t really ignore it any longer if you’re selling online.

Why is Google Shopping so successful?
The Shopping Ads box is so much more visually compelling than a text ad or organic search result. It’s basically display for search, but better. In addition to a product image, there’s a product name, a price, and promotional text. Advertisers get much more qualified clicks than from search ads.

Why even bother with Google Shopping?
Because Google Shopping may eat your search marketing for lunch. Shopping has been chipping away at search ads for awhile. For some agencies, Shopping drives 52% of non-brand Google paid search clicks. And brand terms seem to be on the horizon.

How should you think about Google Shopping?
As a separate channel. Not really search, not really display, not really a comparison shopping engine (not yet). The high cost of figuring it out, and then being able to properly manage it are high barriers to entry, leaving money on the table for those who can set it up and manage it while their competition cannot. With just an algorithm determining placements, clever product description writers will win the game (as will those keeping a watchful eye on their negative keywords).

If you are looking to get Google Shopping certified: