Bored? Afraid? Confused? Curiosity is the cure.

Work is not a chore, not a hill to climb, when you are curious.

What would this look like in red? What if I got really close? When was this invented? Who would it benefit the most? Is there another way to look at the data?

Work is not dangerous or draining when you are curious.

Why did the numbers go down? Who is our customer now? What is the competition doing? Where are our customers spending time? What isn’t clear about this product offering?

Work is not spinning, or reeling, or fragmented, when you are curious.

Where is the greatest reward for my efforts? Who could I tap to get help with this? What is the single most important thing for me to do today? How do I differentiate these as best sellers?

Workafrolics embrace curiosity.

Questions come from curiosity. A real desire to know. Who is my customer now? If you blow past what that means, it’s just a question. If you really wonder and think and scratch your head it becomes incredibly powerful. Sure little things like “Is kerfuffled a real word?” pop up every now and then, but that’s what makes learning fun.

Life rewards curiosity.

Life is going so fast that without curiosity you will be overrun. Curiosity puts you on the right path, it focuses your attention. Curiosity is your mind’s way of finding the things that will bring meaning to your life, that move you forward, that shape what you are passionate about, that determine where you spend your time.

Education breeds curiosity.

Reading a blog (and thank you for reading this one) reading articles, taking classes, watching a webinar, all open your mind up to curiosity.

Be curious, it will revive you, inspire you, and make your work much, much more interesting.

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Sarah Fletcher
President/Creative Director Catalog Design Studios Inc.
Co-Founder Catalog University