You won’t remember the pain

So right now, as you sit exhausted and numb from another holiday onslaught, take 5 minutes and write it down. Write down everything that didn’t work well. Write down what did work. Write down the things that made you go “Huh.” Write down the things that made you go “Wow!” Don’t worry about getting it right, there is no right or wrong. If you look at your list and think “Piece of cake, I’ve got this”, then awesome! Give yourself some recovery time then get cracking. If you think “Oy, I could use some help” then send it to Cat-U by January 18th. On January 25th we are going to have a Pub Talk that focuses on how to make meaningful and lasting changes, so 2017 is better, easier and more profitable. Team Cat-U will share ideas, solutions and strategies for fixing your problems. So go ahead, take 5 minutes and write it down, then mark Jan 25th 12:00 EST on your calendar. Let’s get this DONE!

All the best,

Sarah Fletcher

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  • Kristina Runciman

    Hi Sarah, What worked and what didn’t in what regard? Catalog design? Sales? Staffing? A nervous populace? I’m happy to share.

  • Sarah Fletcher

    HI Kristina, Any and all of the above. We are looking for the biggest problems and the best solutions. Because we have so many great experts working with Cat-U it’s a great opportunity to get not only their ideas, but also the ideas and insights of the Cat-U tribe. Janie and I are thinking of it as a group discussion that may lead to future Pub Talks and classes.