You Scream. I Scream. The Police Come. It’s Awkward

If you are looking for inspiration for next steps with social media, check out Scott Straten’s website and blog: Un-Marketing. The bottom line for Scott with social marketing is: Don’t try to game the system. Do things worth talking about. Evoke emotion. Do stuff worth sharing.

Here’s a clip from his talk at the NEMOA directXchange conference where he shares Shatto Milk Company’s awesome ice-cream marketing slogan.

Do you think this gets passed around and re-posted? Yes, it does.

Here are three take-aways from a session Scott gave at a recent NEMOA marketing conference:

Don’t get caught up in your own advertising
Your brand is my last experience with your company and it is transaction based. If my last transaction was great, people spread the word about your company.

Think before using a QR code
QR codes are a good concept, but our execution is terrible.

  • Are you putting a QR code in an email? This is either being read on a computer, where a link would be so much easier, or it’s being read on a phone so the consumer cannot scan.
  • Do you have a QR code on your website? And does the QR code take you… back to the website?
  • Do you have a QR code on an outdoor board or on a truck where you expect drivers to hold out their phone and scan as they drive by?
  • Are we training customers to not use them by placing them in odd spots, or having them link to sites that are not playable on a mobile device? Of note: If a customer scans a QR code and it isn’t successful, they are less likely to ever scan a QR code again.
  • If you go to Pictures of People Scanning QR Codes on Tumblr, there are no posts

If you use Twitter, use it well
Twitter requires an immediate response — not 4 days after a post goes up. “Dormant social media is a huge problem.” If your customers are posting bad things about you, you have to address it right away. If you piss off moms or geeks you are in REALLY big trouble because they are vocal, and they are networked.

Here’s an article in Huff Post about how a FedEx video showing terrible service went viral. The package being throw over the gate happened to have a computer monitor in it (i.e they pissed off a Geek — NOT a good idea). In this case, FedEx addressed the issue on social sites right away. This didn’t prevent the footage from going viral, but it did help mitigate FedEx’s reputation and bottom line.

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Janie Downey
Co-founder Catalog University