Who Are You?

Who am I?

On the surface that looks like an easy question for any catalog to answer. I’m “______”. Answering that question well is at the very heart of merchandising, marketing, and design. It’s easy to keep your head down, stick with the facts, “I’m ACME Catalog, I sell widgets.” and let everything fall from there. Lazy is the next step up from that, you add a modifier. “I’m ACME Catalog, I sell the ultimate widgets.” That adds a hint of swagger but no meaning. You can insert almost any modifier to that and you get the same result. But add in who you are, not what you do, and things start to get interesting. “I’m ACME Catalog, I love nanotech, and efficiency, and robotics. I’m nerdy and funny and I drink beer and play golf.” You can build a brand around that, you can find merchandise for that, you can build a tribe with that.

That’s why quirky individuals start iconic catalogs and that’s why iconic brands find a loyal following. They aren’t afraid to tell you who they are, and they’re interesting. find out who you are, be interesting, see what happens.

Sarah Fletcher

President/Creative Director Catalog Design Studios Inc.
Co-Founder Catalog University


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