What matters most in catalog design?

If there is one thing that will move the needle in catalog design, one thing that makes more impact than anything else, the thing that really makes the cash register ring, it’s product knowledge. There is no better thing to spend your time on than really, truly understanding what you are selling and why it matters to your customers.

Over the years I have sold everything from china, to office paper, to luggage, to boat supplies, to hams, and job one is always understanding what makes them special, and how they will improve the life of my customer.

Once you really know how something is made, what makes it special, what sets it apart, and why it matters—then you can sell it. Then you can start the creative process and envision if it needs to be chic or bold or goofy or authoritative, or just on sale.

If everything you sell is bland and doesn’t matter, it will go away because no one will care enough to buy it. Someone took the time to design that thing you’re selling, someone took the time to make it, and you need to take the time to understand it so you can make someone want to buy it. The more you know, the better you’ll be, I guarantee it.


All the best,

Sarah Fletcher

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