What is the future of catalogs?

In 1998 I first heard that online was going to kill catalogs. Thirty years later they are still here, still relevant and gaining a younger audience. But as technology advances and retail evolves what will happen in 2025? I am thrilled that Kevin Hillstrom is also pondering this very thing and will be sharing his vision in the Pub on June 27th. The Great Eight: What Catalog Marketing Will Look Like In 2025. Sign up early, Kevin’s talks do filll up fast. Till then here are some things to consider.

Customer experience: Catalogs are tangible and well behaved. Customers understand how they work. I asked my 20 year old niece why she liked catalogs and she said, “It’s fun to flip through a catalog.” So simple. Are we thinking about what differentiates catalogs from other channels? Brent Neimuth does a great riff on “This cool new thing called print”. It’s easy to forget what makes catalogs great because it’s so simple: It’s fun to flip through a catalog.

Cost: It’s hard to dip your toe into cataloging the way you can with online channels. Scale is what makes cataloging work. It’s also a serious barrier to entry. Is there a way to reduce that friction point for new catalogers? Can printers combine inkjet variable print and co-mail for multiple startups to get them closer to scale at smaller quantities? Just thinking out loud.

Get outside and enjoy Spring! Bring a beverage and a catalog, they’re fun to flip through. They’re great at the beach too, and the bathroom.  😉

All the best,

Sarah Fletcher

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