The Note that Made Me a Fan Girl

I’ve been getting the Soft Surroundings catalog for a few years now. I always look through it, but until this month have never made a purchase. Their persistence paid off.

When my new clothes arrived, they were wrapped in foam and tissue. It was so very clear that they were precious. It was obvious that I had chosen wisely and was prepared to be thrilled.

And I was! The clothes were exactly like the pictures, the sizing was accurate and both items were ridiculously soft and wonderful. To make a really great catalog shopping experience even better there was this note.

Image of note sent by soft surroundings

Well color me a fan girl! Yes, it cost them a little more time, and a little more money, but WOW is it working for me. I’m a sucker for a thank you. I’m not naive enough to believe that Robin actually hand writes notes for every customer, but it really felt like that. The personal touch was so obvious in everything about that package. The chance that I will order again and tell my friends is 100%.

Here are the three questions you might ask yourself in this season of Thanksgiving:

How are you showing your customers that you care?

Are you differentiating your customer’s actual product experience from your competition?

Are you so focused on getting the sale that you aren’t connecting with your customer?

Thank you for reading this blog. Seriously, I’m not just saying that. 🙂

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

All the best,

Sarah Fletcher

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