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I’m in the trenches with clients and some honestly don’t test subject lines with emails. There are many reasons why they don’t, but I’m always appreciative to find published results on what’s working so I can help them along. Today’s Target Marketing Online posted some excellent stats about the Best Subject Lines.

Starting the subject line with “Re: ”  has a 92% open rate. WOW. I’m wondering if that’s because we all quickly skim our emails and the Re: indicates a reply to our initial email. The next best according to the article was “Re: Follow-Up” and “Re: Update.”

By contrast the worst open rate was “The results are in.”  I had to laugh because I think that connotes bad news…who wants bad news!

And using the question mark (?) doesn’t help with open rates, nor does long subject lines. The article revealed two words are best…just TWO WORDS.

Of course as marketers we have to think of the impact of mobile phones and most of us, including clients, customers and vendors, are reading emails on a phone. A mobile screen shows no more than 7 words so the subject line, if lengthy, is truncated.

Here’ a link to the article. Nice to have handy!  Oh, did you notice, my headline was only two words…I wonder if the two word headline benefits blog posts?  Oops, shouldn’t have used a question mark!!!

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Gina Valentino
Dean of Marketing,
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