Off-site Meeting Ideas

One of the best ways to get a fresh perspective on work is to get away from the office. Janie and I filmed bits of our last off-site meeting so you could see how the experience created a shift in focus and gave us both permission to be creative and think outside the box.

I live in Rhode Island and Janie lives in Maine, we chose the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as a half way point. Janie and I are both inspired by art so the MFA seemed like a good fit. At first it seemed strange to be having a meeting on a bench in a huge open space but within three minutes we were so deep into our brainstorming that it just didn’t matter where we were. The change of scenery, lack of distractions, amazing visual stimulation and just being in the same room all helped us get through a huge backlog of action items.

Here are a off-site meeting ideas and tips:

1. Make sure you know why you are having the meeting. Janie and I wanted to brainstorm ideas and set an agenda for the year. We both had long lists of things we wanted to discuss but no set order or hierarchy.

2. Be open. Because we had a whole day there was no rush about getting to a certain topic. When one person wanted to circle back or move on we were both flexible. Taking breaks and moving around gave us space to let ideas percolate.

3. Bring plenty of paper and a pencil. It was incredibly helpful to write down all of our ideas then estimate how much time we needed to complete them, rank them in order of importance, and THEN schedule the initiates over the course of the year. It made us realistic about how much time we had, and how much we could realistically allocate to each initiative. Some really fun creative things just aren’t going to get done right away, but we were able to agree on a plan that we were both comfortable executing.

Here is our highlights reel

We hope it gives you ideas for your own off-site meeting day.

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