It’s that changeup time of year

I’m not really much of a baseball gal (Go Sox!) but the changeup I’m talking about is the cover changeup. Every year all good catalogers will take the results from the previous year and see which covers did the best. There is always the winner that works every time. A hero shot of the best product, a tried and true design that has been working forever. I get it, why fix what ain’t broke? Typically I keep the cover that works the best for the strongest drop. But on the other drops we play around and usually, get some surprises.

Now is the time to put on your creative thinking caps and start roughing in some newness. Get permission to do some testing. Spend a day offsite with a sketchpad. Bring the copy department with you. Go to somewhere your customers are. In another month or two it will be catalog season and you won’t have time to take lunch. Go now. Make it fun. Connect with your customers, then delight them!

All the best,

Sarah Fletcher

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