How to be interesting

Marketers sometimes get so focused on trying to “get the message out!!!” that they’re no longer interesting to the people whose attention they want to get. We’ve all been in those meetings where everyone leans forward and the head marketer says “We need to focus on our core message.” And everyone nods. Right, the core message. But the core message looks something like this. “We offer customers the {adjective} {product or service}. We provide {benefit}.” Focusing on that will not make you interesting. It will keep you on track and on message, but it won’t make you interesting.

If, at that same meeting, someone were to kick back and start blowing bubbles they would be interesting. All eyes would be on them. If the person blowing bubbles then also shared how the company could take their targeted message, magnify it and make it engaging, they would be interesting and promotable. Here are a few ways to be interesting without bubbles:

Be unexpected

Change your look, change your voice, change your perspective. Be somewhere no one would expect. Wouldn’t you notice if an L.L. Bean model was fly fishing in downtown Manhattan? Or if Cuddledown models had a pillow fight on the cover of their catalog with tips on how to have a great pillow fight. If you do crazy stuff all the time you’re just the person jumping up and down shouting for attention, but every now and then it adds spice and makes you interesting.

Be passionate

Caring deeply is always interesting. If your catalog is niche, then having passion for what you sell is especially important.

Be kind

We’re all attracted to kindness. If it’s genuine and heartfelt, it always resonates. Helping customers, helping those less fortunate, just acknowledging kind acts makes you more interesting.

Be creative

Finding new and different ways to showcase products, combine products, tell stories, interpret information, or sharing a new perspective will get attention. The people and brands who shake us out of our hum-drum day are the ones we are drawn to.

Be beautiful

That doesn’t mean in a shallow way. Beauty can be found in anything and we’re all drawn to it. We crave new visual stimulation. One of the things that makes people happy is seeing new things. Beautiful design, photography, styling, typography all create interest. Even low priced catalogs do better when they’re visually appealing.

Be unique

Look for things only you do or have. It could be a product, color way, service or promise to the customer. Interesting brands stand out and stand for something that sets them apart.

I hope this helped spark some ideas. At your next creative meeting have some fun, hand out bubbles to everyone, and see what happens.

Sarah Fletcher

President/Creative Director Catalog Design Studios Inc.
Co-Founder Catalog University


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