Back when Walter Cronkite was broadcasting, there was just news. Somewhere between USA Today and Fox News, news became less about accurate information and more about keeping viewers engaged, it became infotainment. Media structures are being shattered by the web. Curated information is no longer the rarified domain of media conglomerates, and infotainment is the underlying structure of the new media.

How does this apply to catalogers? Try thinking about your customer interactions as more than just offers. Think of your merchandise offerings as curated collections rather than just what you sell. Customers want to be entertained. Can your offers be beautiful, funny, irreverent, helpful, emotional, uplifting and so on? Making the most of the new media means you are now the head of your own media empire. What are you going to own, what are you going to share, what is your voice?

Sarah Fletcher
President/Creative Director Catalog Design Studios Inc.
Co-Founder Catalog University