Ikea’s “bookbook” goes viral

If you haven’t seen the Ikea spoof of Apple the link is below. Thank you Ikea, for pointing out the obvious and making us laugh. Catalogs or “BookBooks” are still cutting edge technology. Designed for ease of shopping and convenience, delivered right to your mailbox. Easy to share, easy to understand and just a whole lot of fun.

I have been thinking a lot lately about why tablets are not taking over catalogs. I really thought they would. I thought tablets would be a better experience for books and catalogs—but they aren’t. They are great for surfing. I can’t count the number of times someone in the family would ask a question like, “What is the capital of Ethiopia?” “What is the succession of Russian presidents?” or “How long would it take to ride across country on a unicycle?” and out would come the iPads. We refer to them as the book of knowledge. I read 90% of my news on my iPad and I do read books on it when I travel. But I don’t get my catalogs on my iPad. I like the experience of paper for catalogs, books and magazines. It is partly ease of use and but mostly because it’s relaxing and the ads are well behaved. Nothing pops up or blinks or pulls my eye trying to sell me something—eMarketers seem to have trouble holding still.

This video made me see so many of the things I love about catalogs. Enjoy.

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