Hammacher Schlemmer’s new look!

Who doesn’t love a great makeover story? You may remember that Hammacher Schlemmer was in the Cat-U Pub for a Catalog Critique with Neil Schuler from J. Schmid last year. It’s a year later and John Gagliardi and the very talented creative team at Hammacher have updated the catalog, reworked the pagination, created a stronger pacing and flow and, well, knocked it out of the park. The best part is they aren’t just sending out the book and hoping customers respond, they’re testing it! Thank you to the Hammacher Schlemmer team for letting us share the new look, and for being part of the Cat-U catalog critiques. If there are any other brave souls out there who would like to have their catalog critiqued, or have trouble downloading the PDF, just drop me a note.

Hammacher Schlemmer Holiday Catalog

Download Catalog PDF

All the best,

Sarah Fletcher


  • Karyn Schaefges

    Tried to download the pdf and took forever, I gave up.

    • Sarah Fletcher

      Hi Karyn, I just emailed you the PDF.
      All the best,

  • Anne Marie Concepcion

    There is something wrong with the link or server it’s hosted on, I think. it gets stuck downloading with a Network Error. Please email me a copy or send a different link, thanks!