Dear Zulilly

Ah the elections, they do turn a perfectly enjoyable read of the news into something, well, provoking. So there I am, teeth gritted, loins girded, and imagine my delight when, just to the right of the jaw-dropping stupidity I was reading, was an ad for a super cute shirt. Heaven—I could shop and and let the angry, jagged people fade into the background.

It was a really cute shirt, the cut would look good on me, red is one of my favorite colors… and I clicked.

The Zulilly site looked fine, though I didn’t get sent to the shirt that was in the ad and I didn’t see the shirt I was so intrigued by. And then the screen went black. The pop-up asked me to sign in. WTF? I don’t want to sign in. I want to shop. Are you insane? I gave a false name and snarky email, feeling archly clever. And it wouldn’t let me in. SERIOUSLY? I have to use a real email? Now I’m pissed, I was already angry about the news and, this was supposed to be my magic mood elevator, the perfect cute shirt. I would have spent real coin and I was absolutely primed, but no. So I used the email I never check because I don’t know if I want Zulilly emails yet. Hell, I don’t even know if I want the shirt I saw yet. At this point I’m not loving Zulilly even a little but the “You shall not pass!” pop-up was worth vanquishing. Did I mention there was no way to opt out? No little “x” in the corner, no “No thanks” at the bottom. Bite me.

I finally make it past the Mines of Morea and look through the products. You guessed it, no shirt. Did I look long and hard? No, I was burned out from not being allowed to shop. Think about that, I was to be given the privilege of shopping on the Zulilly site if I paid them with my personal information. No sale and I’ll NEVER click on another Zulilly ad though I’m pretty sure I’ve been cookied and will now be stalked.

People, think about the importance of getting an email vs getting a sale. Yes, plenty of shoppers will come to your site and not buy anything. Sure it would be great to get their emails. But it would be much better to get a sale. If you get the sale, you will also get the email. Don’t let ANYTHING stop shoppers from shopping. There is nothing more important. Nothing. Put the pop-up at the end as they leave. You may get fewer email address, but you will get more shoppers which means more SALES. Zulilly paid Google for the ad I clicked on and they will pay again to stalk, er, re-market to me. All that money wasted because someone decided that getting emails was vital to success. AAAARG!!!

All the best,

Sarah Fletcher

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  • Kristina Runciman

    I’m not much of a shopper, so when the Zulilly site wouldn’t let me on, I just left. Not very smart on their part. Loved the article. I hope someone at Zulilly sees it.

  • Terry Hudock

    I am surprised; QVC acquired Zulily (not sure when), QVC
    does a great job in all channels. Perhaps this was during the transition? R prior to the acquisition.

    • Sarah Fletcher

      It was last night, so not a transition problem. QVC does do a great job and I was surprised that Zulilly would make rookie mistakes like that. I was using a tablet, and I’ve noticed pop-up issues on tablets more than desktops. I did go back in this morning to see if I could find the shirt and no joy. Their nav is set up oddly so they don’t have a tab for blouses or tops, it’s more experiential, or something, it didn’t make it easier for me to shop though.

  • Jennifer Cheely

    I had a similar experience on Dot and Bo. Very frustrating. I didn’t even bother entering my email, or signing in with Facebook (another option)…one or the other was required to be able to enter the site to browse. I have to wonder just how many potential customers and possible sales they are missing out on.

    • Sarah Fletcher

      Yes, the sign in with Facebook is problematic as well. You get a pop-up asking you if you give the site permission to access all kinds of information. No thanks.