Avocado dog food

Everytime you add new product you have to position it. Positioning is the story you tell the customer about why they want it and what it will do for them. The first and most important question is “What is it good for?” That isn’t a simple question—consider the avocado. In the 70’s, when avocado growers were first looking for ways to market to the US consumer, they had two lucrative options: Upscale healthfood or dog food. We all know where the avocado growers ended up, but for a while, marketing avocados as dogfood was a real and compelling possibility. Take a moment to think about how significant the decision to market avocados as a high-end health food was to the adoption of avocados into the US diet. You wouldn’t pay $2 for an avocado to feed your dog. You wouldn’t see face cream with avocado oil in it and think “I gotta get me some of that!”  Today you could probably sell a super-premium dog food with “healthy avocado” and it would elevate the dog food rather than devalue the avocado. It would be almost impossible to go from dog food to health food.

Every time you position a new product you should take time to think about not just what it is good for, many products will do many things, but also how that positioning will affect your brand and your customer’s perception of your brand. Loaded with Omega 3’s, good for skin and hair, and makes great dog food, is a branding disaster if you aren’t PetSmart.

All the best,

Sarah Fletcher

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