A note from the ACMA

The ACMA has consistently been a voice for catalogers and we support their mission. I’m passing on this recap of the ACMA luncheon from Hamilton Davison. It’s worth a read.

Sarah Fletcher



Notes from the Chicago ACMA Luncheon:

Among the many topics my co-presenter Alex Vogel and I addressed, I hope we adequately conveyed a sense of urgency to challenge particular bad state actors in the ongoing sales tax battles. Our best argument is going to be soon taken from us when a Commerce Clause challenge (U.S. Constitution) effectively expires when the judge demands to know “why can some companies comply and others cannot?” If the current status quo stands, it will not end well for remote sellers.

Strong Offense = Best Defense

State regulators respect only one thing: lawsuits. A strong offense is sometimes the best defense. If you do nothing else, please signify your support with a donation to AMCA’s Tax Action Fund so we have the means to be aggressive.

Although this was a “non”- and “pre”-NEMOA event, I put the hard sell on during the lunch for the non-ACMA members to join us and the existing members to become more involved in our work. So thank you for your forbearance, but please do know that we are a not-for-profit with only one objective: doing what is best for your company.

Be Heard. Be In The Know. 

Our focus, which we addressed throughout, is the externalities that can often make or break a company, or an industry. That’s where ACMA comes in, especially with our revised tagline, “Be heard. Be in the know. We’re your advocate.” But we can only advocate on your behalf if you get involved with us. So please feel free to reach out at any time to staff@catalogmailers.org and we will give you our complete attention.

Thank you,

Hamilton Davison
President & Executive Director