5 Take-Aways from KCDMA: Copywriting

I attended the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association meeting yesterday (4/9/13.) The speaker was catalog veteran, book author, and all things copywriting, Pat Friesen.

Quick Take-Aways
1. The P.S. at the bottom of a letter (or email) is immediately read by 30%—that’s just where they start.

2. While most catalogers know the known Hot Spot on catalog pages is the upper right corner, did you also know that a human element (e.g. a hand, a face) immediately creates a hot spot. Use this knowledge the next time you’re designing a postcard, or an outer envelope.

3. Use the 2:1 ratio. You should have twice as many “you” as you have “I/we” in your editorial copy.

4. Sequential writing (kinda going old school) has a highly receptive audience with a formal market or a target audience over 60. They like, appreciate, and frankly expect proper grammar and full sentences.

5. And we live in a world of busy multi-taskers. Make sure your editorial copy blocks have important words in bold. This allows your reader to glance (skim) and focus on key words. If they are intrigued, they’ll read more.

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-Gina Valentino, Dean of Marketing Catalog University