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Does Flow Matter for Catalog Pagination?

Over the last few years, we have been working with several internet pure play companies who are just getting into cataloging. One of the things I’ve noticed is they are very focused on the flow of the catalog. I think that coming from the internet they really value a narrative, because it’s really hard to […]

We are not hungry goldfish

I keep hearing marketers using “Testing proves that consumers have a shorter attention span than a goldfish” as an excuse not to do anything interesting. It’s a false argument. People had enough attention span to build a super collider, put probes on Mars, end polio, teach children to read, design fashion empires and so on […]


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Wonderful information!


I love Catalog University and am so glad to have found your site.  It has been a godsend in helping me “justify” why we need to redesign our catalog to our management and in training my newly developed catalog team of design and production workers, who have little to no experience.  Keep up the great lessons!


We love Catalog University as a resource. It puts into words so much of what we hope to bring into practice here. Thanks for helping us create a best practices model. We are giddy with the support.


I enjoyed being able to chat and ask questions during the session.


Wonderful. Thank you!



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Catalog University is dedicated to helping catalog professionals find the information they need to be successful. We offer a range of online classes taught by top names in the industry. When you take a course at Catalog University you are directly supporting the presenters who teach them, because half of your subscription fee goes back to the Deans and presenters. We think it’s the best way to share knowledge and reward the people who took time out of their busy work schedules to show you how to work smarter, think outside the box, and get results!

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Cataloging is a Challenging Industry

There are over 20,000 catalogs in the US alone. Catalog University is the only place dedicated to sharing knowledge so that we can all get ahead. One of the wonderful things about catalogers is we all help each other because the best indicator that someone will buy from your catalog is if they have ever bought from any other catalog. Catalogers want every catalog to be successful and that is the foundation Catalog University is built on.

If you’re ready to learn more about this fascinating industry drop in on a FREE Pub Talk, take a class in the area you work in or, even better, learn more about one you don’t. If you have a question about cataloging ask one of the Deans, they’d be happy to help.

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